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Residential Cleaning:

I Will Clean for You, Inc. cleans all types of houses, apartments and condos. We bring all cleaning supplies and equipment, so you don’t need to lift a finger.

We usually recommend a initial deep cleaning to get your home in shape and then begin the ongoing service either weekly, every other week or monthly.  There is a difference between "old dirt" that has been sitting around your home for months or even years and "new dirt”. The "old dirt" has taken time to accumulate on the surfaces in your home and as a result will also need time for us to effectively remove it. That is the reason we recommend an initial deep cleaning. Simply removing the "new dirt" will not really make your home look and smell sparkling clean, so if your budget allows for this we highly recommend an initial deep cleaning. After this is completed we can start the weekly, every other week or monthly cleanings.

The amount of time to perform the initial cleaning will depend a lot on the size and condition of your home. Typically an initial cleaning would take a team of two of our employees between 3 to 6 hours depending on the size of your home. On an average size home in fairly reasonable shape we often can complete a initial deep cleaning in about 3 hours with two of our employees. Please call our office to discuss your needs and we can work out a more accurate estimate over the phone with you.
After we have completed the initial cleaning then, based on the amount of time we have agreed to you based on your specific requirements, we will follow the system below to keep your home in good shape.

Our standard residential cleaning specifications:

  In the Kitchen…   All Rooms…   Bathrooms…
Clean sink and faucets Dust knick-knacks and pictures Clean and disinfect sink, counter; change towels
Clean underneath and behind small appliances Clean windows (inside) Clean and disinfect toilets, tubs and showers
Clean appliance exteriors Dust sills, ledges and blinds Shower doors cleaned and disinfected
Clean inside microwave Dust baseboards Clean and disinfect floors; carpet vacuumed
Clean range top Empty trash Mirrors and chrome cleaned and shined
Spot clean cabinet doors Remove cobwebs Polish furniture
Clean counters and backsplashes Dust and vacuum furniture  
Sweep and sanitize floors Polish furniture  
Cabinet doors cleaned Sweep and mop hard-surface floors  
  Vacuum carpet and stairs  
  Clean entry and patio doors  
  Vacuum under beds  
  Change linens, make beds  
  Dust vents and ceiling fans  
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